3 rows


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id INT UNSIGNED 10 null
civicrm_contribution.contribution_page_id FK_civicrm_contribution_contribution_page_idN
civicrm_contribution_widget.contribution_page_id FK_civicrm_contribution_widget_contribution_page_idC
civicrm_membership_block.entity_id FK_civicrm_membership_block_entity_idR
civicrm_pledge.contribution_page_id FK_civicrm_pledge_contribution_page_idN

Contribution Id

financial_type_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null FK_civicrm_contribution_page_financial_type_idR

default financial type assigned to contributions submitted via this page, e.g. Contribution, Campaign Contribution

payment_processor VARCHAR 128 null

Payment Processors configured for this contribution Page

is_credit_card_only TINYINT 3 0

if true - processing logic must reject transaction at confirmation stage if pay method != credit card

is_monetary TINYINT 3 1

if true - allows real-time monetary transactions otherwise non-monetary transactions

is_recur TINYINT 3 0

if true - allows recurring contributions, valid only for PayPal_Standard

is_confirm_enabled TINYINT 3 1

if false, the confirm page in contribution pages gets skipped

recur_frequency_unit VARCHAR 128 null

Supported recurring frequency units.

is_recur_interval TINYINT 3 0

if true - supports recurring intervals

is_recur_installments TINYINT 3 0

if true - asks user for recurring installments

adjust_recur_start_date TINYINT 3 0

If true - user is able to adjust payment start date.

is_pay_later TINYINT 3 0

if true - allows the user to send payment directly to the org later

is_partial_payment TINYINT 3 0

is partial payment enabled for this online contribution page

min_initial_amount DECIMAL 20,2 null

Minimum initial amount for partial payment

is_allow_other_amount TINYINT 3 0

if true, page will include an input text field where user can enter their own amount

default_amount_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null

FK to civicrm_option_value.

min_amount DECIMAL 20,2 null

if other amounts allowed, user can configure minimum allowed.

max_amount DECIMAL 20,2 null

if other amounts allowed, user can configure maximum allowed.

goal_amount DECIMAL 20,2 null

The target goal for this page, allows people to build a goal meter

is_email_receipt TINYINT 3 0

if true, receipt is automatically emailed to contact on success

receipt_from_email VARCHAR 255 null

FROM email address used for receipts generated by contributions to this contribution page.

cc_receipt VARCHAR 255 null

comma-separated list of email addresses to cc each time a receipt is sent

bcc_receipt VARCHAR 255 null

comma-separated list of email addresses to bcc each time a receipt is sent

is_active TINYINT 3 null

Is this property active?

amount_block_is_active TINYINT 3 1

Is this property active?

start_date DATETIME 19 null

Date and time that this page starts.

end_date DATETIME 19 null

Date and time that this page ends. May be NULL if no defined end date/time

created_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null FK_civicrm_contribution_page_created_idN

FK to civicrm_contact, who created this contribution page

created_date DATETIME 19 null

Date and time that contribution page was created.

currency VARCHAR 3 null

3 character string, value from config setting or input via user.

campaign_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null FK_civicrm_contribution_page_campaign_idN

The campaign for which we are collecting contributions with this page.

is_share TINYINT 3 1

Can people share the contribution page through social media?

title_en_US VARCHAR 255 null
intro_text_en_US TEXT 65535 null
pay_later_text_en_US TEXT 65535 null
pay_later_receipt_en_US TEXT 65535 null
initial_amount_label_en_US VARCHAR 255 null
initial_amount_help_text_en_US TEXT 65535 null
thankyou_title_en_US VARCHAR 255 null
thankyou_text_en_US TEXT 65535 null
thankyou_footer_en_US TEXT 65535 null
receipt_from_name_en_US VARCHAR 255 null
receipt_text_en_US TEXT 65535 null
footer_text_en_US TEXT 65535 null
title_fr_CA VARCHAR 255 null
intro_text_fr_CA TEXT 65535 null
pay_later_text_fr_CA TEXT 65535 null
pay_later_receipt_fr_CA TEXT 65535 null
initial_amount_label_fr_CA VARCHAR 255 null
initial_amount_help_text_fr_CA TEXT 65535 null
thankyou_title_fr_CA VARCHAR 255 null
thankyou_text_fr_CA TEXT 65535 null
thankyou_footer_fr_CA TEXT 65535 null
receipt_from_name_fr_CA VARCHAR 255 null
receipt_text_fr_CA TEXT 65535 null
footer_text_fr_CA TEXT 65535 null
is_billing_required TINYINT 3 0

Billing block required for Contribution Page

frontend_title_en_US VARCHAR 255 null

Contribution Page Public title

frontend_title_fr_CA VARCHAR 255 null

Contribution Page Public title


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
FK_civicrm_contribution_page_campaign_id Performance Asc campaign_id
FK_civicrm_contribution_page_created_id Performance Asc created_id
FK_civicrm_contribution_page_financial_type_id Performance Asc financial_type_id