Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id INT UNSIGNED 10 null
civicrm_entity_financial_account.financial_account_id FK_civicrm_entity_financial_account_financial_account_id R
civicrm_financial_account.parent_id FK_civicrm_financial_account_parent_id R
civicrm_financial_item.financial_account_id FK_civicrm_financial_item_financial_account_id R
civicrm_financial_trxn.from_financial_account_id FK_civicrm_financial_trxn_from_financial_account_id R
civicrm_financial_trxn.to_financial_account_id FK_civicrm_financial_trxn_to_financial_account_id R


name VARCHAR 255 null

Financial Account Name.

contact_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null FK_civicrm_financial_account_contact_id N

FK to Contact ID that is responsible for the funds in this account

financial_account_type_id INT UNSIGNED 10 3

pseudo FK into civicrm_option_value.

accounting_code VARCHAR 64 null

Optional value for mapping monies owed and received to accounting system codes.

account_type_code VARCHAR 64 null

Optional value for mapping account types to accounting system account categories (QuickBooks Account Type Codes for example).

description VARCHAR 255 null

Financial Type Description.

parent_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null FK_civicrm_financial_account_parent_id R

Parent ID in account hierarchy

is_header_account TINYINT 3 0

Is this a header account which does not allow transactions to be posted against it directly, but only to its sub-accounts?

is_deductible TINYINT 3 1

Is this account tax-deductible?

is_tax TINYINT 3 0

Is this account for taxes?

tax_rate DECIMAL 10,8 null

The percentage of the total_amount that is due for this tax.

is_reserved TINYINT 3 null

Is this a predefined system object?

is_active TINYINT 3 null

Is this property active?

is_default TINYINT 3 null

Is this account the default one (or default tax one) for its financial_account_type?

Table contained 14 rows


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
FK_civicrm_financial_account_contact_id Performance Asc contact_id
FK_civicrm_financial_account_parent_id Performance Asc parent_id
UI_name Must be unique Asc name