Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id INT UNSIGNED 10 null

Option ID

option_group_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null FK_civicrm_option_value_option_group_id C

Group which this option belongs to.

value VARCHAR 512 null

The actual value stored (as a foreign key) in the data record. Functions which need lookup option_value.title should use civicrm_option_value.option_group_id plus civicrm_option_value.value as the key.

name VARCHAR 255 null

Stores a fixed (non-translated) name for this option value. Lookup functions should use the name as the key for the option value row.

grouping VARCHAR 255 null

Use to sort and/or set display properties for sub-set(s) of options within an option group. EXAMPLE: Use for college_interest field, to differentiate partners from non-partners.

filter INT UNSIGNED 10 null

Bitwise logic can be used to create subsets of options within an option_group for different uses.

is_default TINYINT 3 0

Is this the default option for the group?

weight INT UNSIGNED 10 null

Controls display sort order.

is_optgroup TINYINT 3 0

Is this row simply a display header? Expected usage is to render these as OPTGROUP tags within a SELECT field list of options?

is_reserved TINYINT 3 0

Is this a predefined system object?

is_active TINYINT 3 1

Is this option active?

component_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null FK_civicrm_option_value_component_id R

Component that this option value belongs/caters to.

domain_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null FK_civicrm_option_value_domain_id R

Which Domain is this option value for

visibility_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null
label_en_US VARCHAR 512 null
description_en_US TEXT 65535 null
label_fr_CA VARCHAR 512 null
description_fr_CA TEXT 65535 null
icon VARCHAR 255 null

crm-i icon class

color VARCHAR 255 null

Hex color value e.g. #ffffff

Table contained 847 rows


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
FK_civicrm_option_value_component_id Performance Asc component_id
FK_civicrm_option_value_domain_id Performance Asc domain_id
FK_civicrm_option_value_option_group_id Performance Asc option_group_id
index_option_group_id_name Performance Asc/Asc name + option_group_id
index_option_group_id_value Performance Asc/Asc value + option_group_id