Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id INT UNSIGNED 10 null
civicrm_entity_tag.tag_id FK_civicrm_entity_tag_tag_id C
civicrm_tag.parent_id FK_civicrm_tag_parent_id R

Tag ID

name VARCHAR 64 null

Name of Tag.

description VARCHAR 255 null

Optional verbose description of the tag.

parent_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null FK_civicrm_tag_parent_id R

Optional parent id for this tag.

is_selectable TINYINT 3 1

Is this tag selectable / displayed

is_reserved TINYINT 3 0
is_tagset TINYINT 3 0
used_for VARCHAR 64 null
created_id INT UNSIGNED 10 null FK_civicrm_tag_created_id N

FK to civicrm_contact, who created this tag

created_date DATETIME 19 null

Date and time that tag was created.

color VARCHAR 255 null

Hex color value e.g. #ffffff

Table contained 0 rows


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
FK_civicrm_tag_created_id Performance Asc created_id
FK_civicrm_tag_parent_id Performance Asc parent_id
UI_name Must be unique Asc name