Table d44civi_9xzwf.civicrm_mail_settings Generated by
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id int unsigned 10  √  primary key
domain_id int unsigned 10 Which Domain is this match entry for
name varchar 255  √  null name of this group of settings
is_default tinyint 3  √  null whether this is the default set of settings for this domain
domain varchar 255  √  null email address domain (the part after @)
localpart varchar 255  √  null optional local part (like civimail+ for addresses like
return_path varchar 255  √  null contents of the Return-Path header
protocol varchar 255  √  null name of the protocol to use for polling (like IMAP, POP3 or Maildir)
server varchar 255  √  null server to use when polling
port int unsigned 10  √  null port to use when polling
username varchar 255  √  null username to use when polling
password varchar 255  √  null password to use when polling
is_ssl tinyint 3  √  null whether to use SSL or not
source varchar 255  √  null folder to poll from when using IMAP, path to poll from when using Maildir, etc.

Table contained 0 rows at Wed Nov 11 17:14 EST 2015

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc PRIMARY