Table d44civi_9xzwf.civicrm_menu Generated by
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id int unsigned 10  √ 
domain_id int unsigned 10 FK_civicrm_menu_domain_id R
Which Domain is this menu item for
path varchar 255  √  null Path Name
path_arguments text 65535  √  null Arguments to pass to the url
title varchar 255  √  null Menu Title
access_callback varchar 255  √  null Function to call to check access permissions
access_arguments text 65535  √  null Arguments to pass to access callback
page_callback varchar 255  √  null function to call for this url
page_arguments text 65535  √  null Arguments to pass to page callback
breadcrumb text 65535  √  null Breadcrumb for the path.
return_url varchar 255  √  null Url where a page should redirected to, if next url not known.
return_url_args varchar 255  √  null Arguments to pass to return_url
component_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_menu_component_id R
Component that this menu item belongs to
is_active tinyint 3  √  null Is this menu item active?
is_public tinyint 3  √  null Is this menu accessible to the public?
is_exposed tinyint 3  √  null Is this menu exposed to the navigation system?
is_ssl tinyint 3  √  null Should this menu be exposed via SSL if enabled?
weight int 10 1 Ordering of the menu items in various blocks.
type int 10 1 Drupal menu type.
page_type int 10 1 CiviCRM menu type.
skipBreadcrumb tinyint 3  √  null skip this url being exposed to breadcrumb

Table contained 415 rows at Wed Nov 11 17:14 EST 2015

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc PRIMARY
component_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_menu_component_id
domain_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_menu_domain_id
path + domain_id Must be unique Asc/Asc UI_path_domain_id

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