Table d47civi_0z3xa.civicrm_action_schedule Generated by
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id int unsigned 10  √ 
civicrm_action_log.action_schedule_id FK_civicrm_action_log_action_schedule_id C
name varchar 64  √  null Name of the action(reminder)
title varchar 64  √  null Title of the action(reminder)
recipient varchar 64  √  null Recipient
limit_to tinyint 3  √  null Is this the recipient criteria limited to OR in addition to?
entity_value varchar 255  √  null Entity value
entity_status varchar 64  √  null Entity status
start_action_offset int unsigned 10  √  null Reminder Interval.
start_action_unit varchar 8  √  null Time units for reminder.
start_action_condition varchar 32  √  null Reminder Action
start_action_date varchar 64  √  null Entity date
is_repeat tinyint 3  √  0
repetition_frequency_unit varchar 8  √  null Time units for repetition of reminder.
repetition_frequency_interval int unsigned 10  √  null Time interval for repeating the reminder.
end_frequency_unit varchar 8  √  null Time units till repetition of reminder.
end_frequency_interval int unsigned 10  √  null Time interval till repeating the reminder.
end_action varchar 32  √  null Reminder Action till repeating the reminder.
end_date varchar 64  √  null Entity end date
is_active tinyint 3  √  1 Is this option active?
recipient_manual varchar 128  √  null Contact IDs to which reminder should be sent.
recipient_listing varchar 128  √  null listing based on recipient field.
body_text longtext 2147483647  √  null Body of the mailing in text format.
body_html longtext 2147483647  √  null Body of the mailing in html format.
sms_body_text longtext 2147483647  √  null Content of the SMS text.
subject varchar 128  √  null Subject of mailing
record_activity tinyint 3  √  null Record Activity for this reminder?
mapping_id varchar 64  √  null Name/ID of the mapping to use on this table
group_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_action_schedule_group_id N
FK to Group
msg_template_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_action_schedule_msg_template_id N
FK to the message template.
sms_template_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_action_schedule_sms_template_id N
FK to the message template.
absolute_date date 10  √  null Date on which the reminder be sent.
from_name varchar 255  √  null Name in "from" field
from_email varchar 255  √  null Email address in "from" field
mode varchar 128  √  Email Send the message as email or sms or both.
sms_provider_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_action_schedule_sms_provider_id N
used_for varchar 64  √  null Used for repeating entity
filter_contact_language varchar 128  √  null Used for multilingual installation
communication_language varchar 8  √  null Used for multilingual installation

Table contained 0 rows at mer. avr. 13 16:52 EDT 2016

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc PRIMARY
group_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_action_schedule_group_id
msg_template_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_action_schedule_msg_template_id
sms_provider_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_action_schedule_sms_provider_id
sms_template_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_action_schedule_sms_template_id

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