Table d47civi_0z3xa.civicrm_financial_trxn Generated by
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id int unsigned 10  √ 
civicrm_entity_financial_trxn.financial_trxn_id FK_civicrm_entity_financial_trxn_financial_trxn_id N
from_financial_account_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_financial_trxn_from_financial_account_id R
FK to financial_account table.
to_financial_account_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_financial_trxn_to_financial_account_id R
FK to financial_financial_account table.
trxn_date datetime 19  √  null date transaction occurred
total_amount decimal 20,2 amount of transaction
fee_amount decimal 20,2  √  null actual processor fee if known - may be 0.
net_amount decimal 20,2  √  null actual funds transfer amount. total less fees. if processor does not report actual fee during transaction, this is set to total_amount.
currency varchar 3  √  null 3 character string, value from config setting or input via user.
is_payment tinyint 3  √  0 Is this entry either a payment or a reversal of a payment?
trxn_id varchar 255  √  null Transaction id supplied by external processor. This may not be unique.
trxn_result_code varchar 255  √  null processor result code
status_id int unsigned 10  √  null pseudo FK to civicrm_option_value of contribution_status_id option_group
payment_processor_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_financial_trxn_payment_processor_id N
Payment Processor for this financial transaction
payment_instrument_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK to payment_instrument option group values
check_number varchar 255  √  null Check number

Table contained 93 rows at mer. avr. 13 16:52 EDT 2016

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc PRIMARY
from_financial_account_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_financial_trxn_from_financial_account_id
payment_processor_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_financial_trxn_payment_processor_id
to_financial_account_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_financial_trxn_to_financial_account_id
check_number Performance Asc UI_ftrxn_check_number
payment_instrument_id Performance Asc UI_ftrxn_payment_instrument_id
trxn_id Performance Asc UI_ftrxn_trxn_id

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