Table d47civi_0z3xa.civicrm_price_set Generated by
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id int unsigned 10  √ 
civicrm_discount.price_set_id FK_civicrm_discount_price_set_id C
civicrm_price_field.price_set_id FK_civicrm_price_field_price_set_id R
civicrm_price_set_entity.price_set_id FK_civicrm_price_set_entity_price_set_id R
Price Set
domain_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_price_set_domain_id R
Which Domain is this price-set for
name varchar 255 Variable name/programmatic handle for this set of price fields.
title varchar 255 Displayed title for the Price Set.
is_active tinyint 3  √  1 Is this price set active
help_pre text 65535  √  null Description and/or help text to display before fields in form.
help_post text 65535  √  null Description and/or help text to display after fields in form.
javascript varchar 64  √  null Optional Javascript script function(s) included on the form with this price_set. Can be used for conditional
extends varchar 255 What components are using this price set?
financial_type_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_price_set_financial_type_id N
FK to Financial Type(for membership price sets only).
is_quick_config tinyint 3  √  0 Is set if edited on Contribution or Event Page rather than through Manage Price Sets
is_reserved tinyint 3  √  0 Is this a predefined system price set (i.e. it can not be deleted, edited)?

Table contained 8 rows at mer. avr. 13 16:52 EDT 2016

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc PRIMARY
domain_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_price_set_domain_id
financial_type_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_price_set_financial_type_id
name Must be unique Asc UI_name

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