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id int unsigned 10  √ 
civicrm_premiums_product.product_id FK_civicrm_premiums_product_product_id R
name varchar 255 Required product/premium name
description text 65535  √  null Optional description of the product/premium.
sku varchar 50  √  null Optional product sku or code.
options text 65535  √  null Store comma-delimited list of color, size, etc. options for the product.
image varchar 255  √  null Full or relative URL to uploaded image - fullsize.
thumbnail varchar 255  √  null Full or relative URL to image thumbnail.
price decimal 20,2  √  null Sell price or market value for premiums. For tax-deductible contributions, this will be stored as non_deductible_amount in the contribution record.
currency varchar 3  √  null 3 character string, value from config setting or input via user.
financial_type_id int unsigned 10  √  null FK_civicrm_product_financial_type_id N
FK to Financial Type.
min_contribution decimal 20,2  √  null Minimum contribution required to be eligible to select this premium.
cost decimal 20,2  √  null Actual cost of this product. Useful to determine net return from sale or using this as an incentive.
is_active tinyint 3 Disabling premium removes it from the premiums_premium join table below.
period_type varchar 8  √  rolling Rolling means we set start/end based on current day, fixed means we set start/end for current year or month
(e.g. 1 year + fixed -> we would set start/end for 1/1/06 thru 12/31/06 for any premium chosen in 2006)
fixed_period_start_day int 10  √  101 Month and day (MMDD) that fixed period type subscription or membership starts.
duration_unit varchar 8  √  year
duration_interval int 10  √  null Number of units for total duration of subscription, service, membership (e.g. 12 Months).
frequency_unit varchar 8  √  month Frequency unit and interval allow option to store actual delivery frequency for a subscription or service.
frequency_interval int 10  √  null Number of units for delivery frequency of subscription, service, membership (e.g. every 3 Months).

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Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc PRIMARY
financial_type_id Performance Asc FK_civicrm_product_financial_type_id

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