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Columns with indexes
Implied relationships
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
case_id int unsigned 10 Case ID of case-activity association.
id int unsigned 10 0 Unique Other Activity ID
activity_date_time datetime 19  √  null Date and time this activity is scheduled to occur. Formerly named scheduled_date_time.
status_id int unsigned 10  √  null ID of the status this activity is currently in. Foreign key to civicrm_option_value.
activity_type_id int unsigned 10 1 FK to, that has to be valid, registered activity type.

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select `ca`.`case_id` AS `case_id`,`a`.`id` AS `id`,`a`.`activity_date_time` AS `activity_date_time`,`a`.`status_id` AS `status_id`,`a`.`activity_type_id` AS `activity_type_id` from (`d47civi_0z3xa`.`civicrm_case_activity` `ca` join `d47civi_0z3xa`.`civicrm_activity` `a` on((`ca`.`activity_id` = `a`.`id`))) where ((`a`.`activity_date_time` <= (now() + interval 14 day)) and (`a`.`is_current_revision` = 1) and (`a`.`is_deleted` = 0) and (`a`.`status_id` = 1))
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